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Base Classes

Your Base Class is the first expression of who your character is, and what they can do! Each Base Class is unique it what it does, with minimal if any overlap with other Base Classes. This was done to make each class play to its role in the party and so that no individual class can do it all. Team work and party composition are essential in Last Arc: Tactics Analogue, similar to MMO games, the best parties are going to require a Tank to focus the aggression of enemies, a Healer to keep them alive, and various damage dealing and supporting teammates to get job done and bring down the powerful monsters and enemies you will face. 


Bards are renown for the power of their charisma and their ability to inspire others. Using chants, songs or even dance, Bards are a powerful force multiplier on the battlefield, able to provide powerful buffs to their allies and debuff enemies. They can select talents from the Academic, Dancer, Mediator and Minstrel talent trees starting at level 1


Initiates are our divine casters, utilizing the powers and blessings of Gods, Primals or Infernals. Powerful casters, they can use talents to boost Holy, Unholy and Nature magic. Initiates may choose talents from the Animist, Cleric, Diviner and Occultist talent trees starting at level 1.


Mages are our Arcane casters, wielders of elemental Magick. Powerful spell casters, deadly on the battlefield and able to offer supporting spells to boost their allies in battle. Mages can choose talents from the Arcanist, Elementalist, Evoker and Illusionist talent trees starting at level 1.


Rangers excel at ranged combat, but are not afraid to get up close and personal. As hunters of man and beast, Rangers make use of nature to summon animal companions and have even been known to employ traps on the battlefields to hinder their quarry.Rangers can choose talents from the Archery, Tamer, Hunter and Scout talent trees starting at level 1.


Rogues are the shadows of the battlefield. Highly mobile and always seeking to flank an enemy. Able to employ powerful and debilitating poisons and striking from stealth, Rogues are a bane on the battlefield. Rogues can choose talents from the Charlatan, Cut-Throat, Footpad, Saboteur and Thief talents trees starting at level 1.


Warriors come in many forms, from raging barbarians and armored knights to peerless champions who fight mounted or on foot, warriors are a force to be feared. Warriors can choose talents from the Barbarian, Defender, Fighter and Uhlan talent trees starting at level 1.

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