Last Arc: Tactics Analogue is a series of rule books for a Tactical Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG). It is a more streamlined and accessible Table Top game that will appeal to new and veteran gamers alike. 


  • A talent tree base progression system instead of a fixed system to give players more choice in building their perfect character. 

  • No more rolling for saves, all characters and creatures have three defenses (Reflex, Will and Fortitude) that must be rolled against for various effects. These defenses will grow as they level. No longer will you be the victim of a poor roll. 

  • Easier multi-classing, our system is designed for quicker and easier multi-classing so you can get your character build just right!

  • Magic simplified! No longer will you have to calculate the DC of your spells. Magic now goes off the spellcraft skill.

  • Reaction abilities and spells! Actions like Block or Brace and spells like Dispel can be cast at any time during combat.

  • Weapons are skill based, improving your skills directly effects your ability to wield a weapon!


  • 6 Base classes and 17+ Advanced classes to choose from 

  • A more tactical based table top game, your party composition matters! 

  • Build your character to fill one or multiple roles like Tank, melee/ranged DPS, Healing or support. 

  • Combat is more fast paced, most encounters last between 4-6 rounds. 

  • With hits being heavier, players in the role of Tank can use abilites like Taunt to protect their allies and Block to mitigate prevent damage to themselves and allies. 

  • High damage hits can move a creature down the condition track, applying penalties to attacks, defenses and skills. 

  • Bards are performers! Their performances can provide helpful buffs to allies or debuffs to the enemies

  • An unlocked spell book. Spells are not class specific. If you can cast magic, you can choose any spells available!

Base Classes

Your Base Class is the first expression of who your character is, and what they can do!


Bards are renown for the power of their charisma and their ability to inspire others. Using chants, songs or even dance, Bards are a powerful force multiplier on the battlefield, able to provide powerful buffs to their allies and debuff enemies. They can select talents from the Academic, Dancer, Mediator and Minstrel talent trees starting at level 1


Initiates are our divine casters, utilizing the powers and blessings of Gods, Primals or Infernals. Powerful casters, they can use talents to boost Holy, Unholy and Nature magic. Initiates may choose talents from the Animist, Cleric, Diviner and Occultist talent trees starting at level 1.


Mages are our Arcane casters, wielders of elemental Magick. Powerful spell casters, deadly on the battlefield and able to offer supporting spells to boost their allies in battle. Mages can choose talents from the Arcanist, Elementalist, Evoker and Illusionist talent trees starting at level 1.


Rangers excel at ranged combat, but are not afraid to get up close and personal. As hunters of man and beast, Rangers make use of nature to summon animal companions and have even been known to employ traps on the battlefields to hinder their quarry.Rangers can choose talents from the Archery, Tamer, Hunter and Scout talent trees starting at level 1.


Rogues are the shadows of the battlefield. Highly mobile and always seeking to flank an enemy. Able to employ powerful and debilitating poisons and striking from stealth, Rogues are a bane on the battlefield. Rogues can choose talents from the Charlatan, Cut-Throat, Footpad, Saboteur and Thief talents trees starting at level 1.


Warriors come in many forms, from raging barbarians and armored knights to peerless champions who fight mounted or on foot, warriors are a force to be feared. Warriors can choose talents from the Barbarian, Defender, Fighter and Uhlan talent trees starting at level 1.

Advanced Classes: 


The ultimate aspiration for most Mages, the ArchMage has mastered their control over Magick at a fundamental level. Their knowledge and ability to wield magick makes them the greatest of allies, or the most terrible of foes. An ArchMage can not only cast powerful spells, but through their Arcane Masteries, they can modify spells in ways that others find bordering on the impossible. 


Masters of infiltration and elimination, the Assassin ruthlessly dispatches their target. Whether up close with blades or from afar with ranged weapons, woe be upon the poor soul that find themselves marked for death. These cold blooded and merciless killers are masters of the art of murder. They will methodically study their targets, exploit their weaknesses and strike when the moment is perfect. Rumors haunt the underworld of Master Assassins who can vanish after striking down their target or even sever the soul preventing resurrection. 



Some Mages are drawn to action, as moths are to a flame. These are Mages whom are not content with cloistered study or even a safe spot to cast from behind the lines of battle. The Battlemage revels in the fight, training themselves to be able to cast effectively while wearing bulky armor, they wade into combat wielding spell and weapon. With their unique battle techniques they can support their allies and attack their enemies, even forging their own Mana into a shield to block or deflect attacks. 


Some warriors choose not the path of control, but instead seek to fuel their strength with the rage burning deep within. By giving up control to their rage, Berserkers can shrug off damage and fight well past what would kill most mortals. However, their rage is a double edged sword.

Once lost to the rage, the Berserker loses the ability to tell friend from foe and will attack all within reach. Many stories are whispered in the adventurers guild halls of parties lost to Berserkers who fell too deep into their rage. 



Amidst the strife and turmoil of the land, some seek answers, comfort and protection from the divine. Bishops are the chosen of the Celestials, men and women granted divine protections and blessings from their patrons. As champions of the Celestials, Bishops stride upon the battlefield healing their allies and using their powerful White Magick to drive back the forces of darkness. Their chanted prayers fortifying and protecting their allies and putting the fear of the Celestials into their enemies. Bishops are a powerful ally, even able to call on divine intervention to prevent their allies from falling on the field of battle.  

Blade Dancer:

Exotic and mysterious, Blade Dancers have turned fighting into an art. Wielding either two swords or a polearm, they dance through the battlefield, ignoring terrain features that would slow others, landing hits on all who fall within their range all while inspiring their allies or causing their foes to despair. Blade Dancers are masters of accurate, damaging attacks and are called a whirlwind of blades on the battlefield, leaving the dead and dying in their wake. 

     Dragons have long been a powerful adversary to the races of Val'daera, and to some knights, an equally powerful ally. The Dragoon takes mounted combat to the skies by forming a close bond with a Wyvern. These knights are experts at using their mounts to strike from above and use leaping and lunging attacks to defeat their foes with superior reach. As their bond strengthens, both can gain new abilities to support each other and grow more powerful. 



Deep in the forests of Val'Daera, the Druids can be found tending to nature, deepening their bonds with plants and beats alike. They are masters of Green Magick, able to call upon the wrath of nature to destroy their foes or natures blessings to aid their allies. Druids are masters of the ability to transform with their wildshape, allowing them to shift into creatures of all sizes from diminutive to huge. Some may even learn to push their wildshape to sizes greater than it normally would be. 

Fell Knight:

When darkness marches upon the world, the Fell Knights can be found in the vanguard, leading the charge against the forces of light and primal alike. They are worshipers of the Infernals. Sworn to eternal servitude, equipped with cursed armors and weapons, and granted great and terrible powers by their evil masters. Fell Knights are rightly feared on the battlefield, using their own blood and pain to empower themselves. They are known to drain the life force from any nearby creatures to heal themselves, and for channeling dark energies into their weapons. These dark champions are a force to be feared. 


Some warriors fight for honor, some fight for money, the Gladiator fights for their lives. Armed with rusty, nearly broken arms and armor, the Gladiators are cunning fighters. Born in the fighting pits, raised in the arenas, the Gladiator is master at making do with whatever weaponry and armor they can find, and may even maximize the damage caused by breaking weapons or pushing their weapons beyond their breaking points. Fearsome and unstoppable in battle, they only know one thing, to be free, they must win!



Masters of death, rulers of the dead, lords and ladies of the undying host. There are many ways to describe them, they who are feared and reviled across the land, the Necromancers. Blessed, or cursed, depending on your viewpoint, Necromancers are considered undead, even if their hearts still beat. These powerful casters can raise and command a wide variety of undead in addition to special undead such as Crypt Fiends and Death Knights. Powerful Necromancers may even twist the healing properties of White Magick to heal their undead hordes and force the souls of the recently slain to serve them. With their hordes of undead and powerful Black Magick, Necromancers are a powerful enemy against the forces of light and life. 


The Antithesis to the Fell Knight, Paladins are the champions of Light. They are the chosen servants of the Celestials, their faith empowering them to overcome odds that would cause other to despair. When not leading the charge against the forces of Darkness or Primal, Paladins often act as the mortal representative of the Celestial patron. In battle, the Paladin acts as a bulwark, protecting their allies and avenging the fallen. Drawing upon their faith to shield those near them and even grant allies resistance to damage. Armed with their powerful faith, knowledge of White Magick and faith, these armored guardians wade into the thick of battle, for the forces of Light, their allies and glory!


There exist warriors who have distilled and refined their mastery of combat to an art form. The Sabreur moves with an almost gravity defying, fluid like grace, always just out of reach of their enemies weapon. They rely on their superior agility and honed reflexes and even a little luck that they seem to be blessed with, rather than bulky armor. Tales of Sabreurs speak of them flowing around their opponents strikes, parrying attacks and following up with a vicious riposte, brining style to what would be a vicious brawl. 

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