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Races of Val'daera:

Val'daera is home to many species of sapient beings, each with their own special characteristics and specialities. Most are the creation of the Primals or Celestials, while some are the result of other races tampering or other otherworldly origin. 

Developer Note: these are preliminary descriptions and subject to change as development continues!


A stout and sturdy people who inhabit the mountains of the frozen expanses of Western Kallanor, their vast underground cities are a marvel of engineering and art. Dwarves are know both for their masterwork crafting, as well as their battle prowess as warriors. While generally isolationist in nature, Dwarves have been known to seek glory and new skills for their clans abroad. 

Highland Dwarf

Not all Dwarves are content within their mountain cities, instead preferring to settle the hilly highlands of Eastern Kallanor. Made up of the descendants of exiled clans and adventurers, these Dwarves have adapted to a life on the surface, developing a closer affinity to nature, and even becoming renown for their ability to tame the beasts of the wilds. 

Dark Elf

Natives of the Dark Isles of Lynuria, these elves reside in a realm of twilight where little natural light can be found. Beset on all sides by threats, the Dark Elves use guile, deception and cunning to redirect or even subvert threats rather than facing them head on. While most Dark Elves are content to remain within the safety of their homeland, those that do venture into the wider world often work as scouts, guides or, in some cases spies. More nefarious elements however, use their cunning and charisma to form pacts with dark forces. 

High Elf

From the glittering beauty of the sky isles of Bastiil, the High Elves look down upon the world. They are considered cold and aloof by many, removed from the mundane and caring little for the opinions of others. With life spans measuring in the centuries, their depth and breadth of knowledge is acknowledged by all, as is their mastery of Magick. While preferring to remain in their floating city, High Elves will travel into the unknown to seek new knowledge or arcane secrets. 

Wood Elf

The Wood Elves of the Vallerian Faewood are a somber and reclusive people, distrustful of outsiders and hostile intruders of the last Fae Wood on Val'daera. Shaped by the Fae realm that exists within the forest, Wood Elves are deeply attuned with nature and can easily commune with the beasts of the wilds. Despite their reclusive natures, Wood Elves do pay great attention to the outside world, offering their assistance to those in need or to stop external threats to their home. 


Considered an unnatural curiosity by many, Half-Elves cannot procreate and can only be created by the union of Humans and Elves. With few of their kind in existence, and unable to bear children, most turn to a life of adventure to leave their mark on the world. Half-Elves inherit a mixture of traits from each of their parents race, giving them a wide range of skills and abilities. 


The Gawro, often referred to as Lizardfolk, are a powerful, stern and steadfast race of reptilians, native to the Malloram Jungles of the southlands. Once boasting the most powerful empire on Val'daera, the rise of the Humans has seen their once vast empire dwindle until all that remains is the pinnesula of Imperial Altaeria. The Gawro are a martial people, with a history rich with conquest, taking advantage of their thick hides and powerful regeneration abilities, and can be found across the world in various roles, seeking fame, fortune and new cultures to experience.


An otherworldly people, the Gnomes fled the destruction of their home world through Magick portals, with many finding a home amongst the High Elves of Bastiil, who were eager to study their Magitech. Gnomes are not a biological race, instead their souls are bound to their armor with an Alchemical ichor through an esoteric process known by only a select few. With the help and protection of the Dwarves and High Elves, the Gnomes constructed the Spire of Dynas, a secretive facility where only Gnomes are allowed, that is rumored to be where new Gnomes are created. These bombastic and eccentric people can be found in all walks of life across Val'daera, with many delving deep into Magick or take advantage of their armored bodies to become warriors. 

Tinker Gnomes

While many Gnomes seek to bring Magitech into Val'daera, one subset remembers the devastation that it wrought on their home world, and have chosen to reject Magitech. Tinker Gnomes have chosen to take up residence with the Dwarves and apply their skills and knowledge to engineering and creating the great flying airships that ply the skies of Val'daera. Tinker Gnomes are just as bombastic and eccentric as the rest of their kin, and can be found across the land in many capacities, although many tend to lean towards exploring the wilds or entertaining crowds with their performances. 


Natives of the badlands, Goblins are birthed in the great spawning pools buried deep within underground clan hives, Any Goblin strong enough to tear itself free of the birthing pod is considered a warrior, while those that need help are consigned to a life of drudgery and labor. Goblins are a craven and fearful people, often bowing the the whims of, and flocking to the banners of those stronger than themselves, regardless of species. Small and possessing a cunning intelligence, Goblins often will turn on leaders who display signs of weakness. Goblins can be found across Val'daera, lurking in the shadows and the seedy underbellies of societies, offering up their services as thieves, assassins or even rangers. 


More commonly known as Halflings, the Sidhe are the descendants of Fae who chose to live amongst the mortals of Val'daera. Extremely sociable, the Sidhe often act as emissaries between the Wood Elves and the other races. While most are content to remain with the Faewoods, the few that do venture out to seek adventure often find themselves using their affinity with nature as guides and scouts or as travelling minstrels and bards, brining joy and entertainment to all they meet. 


Kin of the Halfling, the Grassrunners are a reclusive people that live deep within the Faewood. Preferring to observe the world from afar, remaining hidden from sight in dense brush or safely from the upper reaches of trees. Grassrunners are a curious people, and will make user of their stealthy nature to interact with the rest of the world on their terms, always with an escape route planned. 


Believed to have been created by the Celestials, the Humans have risen to become a dominant force upon Val'daera. Humans are a diverse race, they are adaptable and individualistic, and can be found in all corners of the world, living and working in many roles. Humans have adapted to living in nearly all cultures, and their wanderlust drives many to pursue the life of adventure. 


The Nasha are the oldest living race on Val'daera, the first to build a true civilization and chart the stars. Their lands, ruled by the Merchant League of Agyemah, displays the wealth and prosperity of an ancient race, yet beneath that thin veneer of glory, lies a hollow and impoverished people. Many Nasha have fled west into the Human and Gawro lands seeking work and a new life, with many ending up eking out a living on the streets as performers or thieves. Clever and mischievous, Nasha are always on the lookout for new opportunities, and for those that manage to befriend them, they are quite faithful and reliable. Their natural grace and agility, along with their keen minds, can provide a clever Nasha with many opportunities. 


Considered barely above beastkin, Orcs are a powerful warrior race that makes their home in the Chitari Badlands. Shaped and molded by an often brutal upbringing, their every moment from birth a struggle to survive, most orcs are considered gruff and brutish by outsiders. This harsh upbringing however has forged them into powerful, driven individuals that know that the only way to achieve your goals is to fight with all of their might and ability. While the majority of Orcs never leave the badlands, where individual tribes constantly war for supremacy, it is not uncommon to see Orcs utilizing their strength and skills as laborers, bodyguards or mercenaries in Human cities. 

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