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Races of Val'daera:

Val'daera is home to many species of sapient beings, each with their own special characteristics and specialities. Most are the creation of the Primals or Celestials, while some are the result of other races tampering or other otherworldly origin. 

Developer Note: these are preliminary descriptions and subject to change as development continues!


One of the oldest races, the Catfolk trace their origin back to tribes of Feline Beastkin. Agile and cunning, it was only the collapse of their great trade empire that halted their ascendency. As a result of the collapse, many Catfolk left their ancestral lands seeking opportunities elsewhere and can be found in nearly all lands across Val'daera. 

Dark elves:

Once members of a unified Elven race, the Dark Elves were stripped of their immortality and cast out for their actions during the Elven Civil war. Banished to the badlands, the Dark Elves have found a new home in the sinking Isles and are not commonly found outside the badlands.. While not evil as a whole, some factions still remain loyal to the Abyss and seek a return to glory and power. 


The Chosen race of the Earth Primal, Dwarves are known first and foremost for their incredible master crafters. Hearty and Intuitive, Dwarves can be found mostly in northern regions of Eastern and Western Kallanor, both living on the surface and within their great hollowed out mountains. 


The youngest and newest race to Val'daera, and more ancient than all other races. The Gnomes were a high tech civilization that, through great hubris ruined their world. To survive the destruction of their home world, they were forced to sacrifice their organic bodies and bond their souls to inorganic suites of armor and flee into portals to Val'daera. Gnomes can be now found in all corners of Val'daera, where their Magi-tech has brought great changes to this young world. 


A mysterious race on Val'daera, as no one quite knows where they came from or who, if anyone, created them. Goblins are believed to originate from the Badlands, where their great underground lairs can be found, but it is not uncommon to find them living and working in nearly all regions of the world. Their society is focused around strong leaders they call King, regardless of that creatures race, which has led to many interesting situations and stories.


Highly social and connected to the Fae, Halflings can be found in all corners of Val'daera. Outgoing and always up for a little mischief, many Halflings find themselves working as diplomats, travelling merchants or adventurers. Believed to be supernaturally lucky, Halflings are welcome wherever they travel. 

High elves:

Considered to be the last true immortals of Elven kind, the High Elves established their floating cities at the end of the Elvish Civil War by raising their remaining cities into the skies with powerful magick. Considered aloof by many, the High Elves simply have a much longer view on things due to their lifespans, and as such are sought out for their knowledge and wisdom. 


Humans are the second youngest race on Val'daera. Created by the Celestials during their wars against the Primals, Humans are quite versatile and skilled. They can be found in nearly all regions of Val'daera, 


Raised from their more beast-like kin by the Primals to sentience, the Lizardmen have established a great kingdom in Imperial Altaeria. A martial people, famous for their gladiatorial arenas and powerful military, that sadly overshadows their skilled artistry and engineering ability. Lizardmen are very rare in the colder northern regions, tending to prefer the warmer central and southern environments. 


Ferocious and feared, these Porcine people were once a peaceful beast tribe that were warped and twisted with fel magick from the Abyss by the Dark Elves. Banished along with their creators to the Badlands, the Orc tribes took over old Catfolk settlements where oil and tar were harvested and processed. While many believe them to be little more than unthinking brutes, Orcs are quite adept at ad-hock engineering and built great war machines fueled by the abandoned refineries. While most Orcs remain with the tribes, some have filtered back into more civilized lands, particularly where some human cities have need of their impressive strength in industry. 

Wood Elves:

The Wood Elves are a people born of sacrifice. As the Elvish Civil War raged, those that tended the great Trees of Life found themselves under attack by their brethren who would later become the Dark Elves and their Orc creations, and as one of the last two living trees began to wither and die, these people sacrificed their immoral lifespans, giving life willingly to the tree to save it. In doing so, they save the tree and were changed forever. Today they are a reclusive people, tending to the Sacred Forest of Velleria and the last Tree of Life. Wood Elves are skilled hunters of men and beast, and have deep connections to nature. While few Wood Elves willingly leave the forest, wanderlust is known to develop amongst the younger generations. 

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