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Last Arc: Tactics Analogue is a series of rule books for a Tactical Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG). It is a more streamlined and accessible Table Top game that will appeal to new and veteran gamers alike. 

See Below for more information and a link to the Free Demo PDF of our Core Rulebook, and a special new reveal!

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  • A talent tree base progression system instead of a fixed system to give players more choice in building their perfect character. 

  • No more rolling for saves, all characters and creatures have three defenses (Reflex, Will and Fortitude) that must be rolled against for various effects. These defenses will grow as they level. No longer will you be the victim of a poor roll. 

  • Easier multi-classing, our system is designed for quicker and easier multi-classing so you can get your character build just right!

  • Magic simplified! No longer will you have to calculate the DC of your spells. Magic now goes off the spellcraft skill.

  • Reaction abilities and spells! Actions like Block or Brace and spells like Dispel can be cast at any time during combat.

  • Weapons are skill based, improving your skills directly effects your ability to wield a weapon!


  • 6 Base classes and 17+ Advanced classes to choose from 

  • A more tactical based table top game, your party composition matters! 

  • Build your character to fill one or multiple roles like Tank, melee/ranged DPS, Healing or support. 

  • Combat is more fast paced, most encounters last between 4-6 rounds. 

  • With hits being heavier, players in the role of Tank can use abilites like Taunt to protect their allies and Block to mitigate prevent damage to themselves and allies. 

  • High damage hits can move a creature down the condition track, applying penalties to attacks, defenses and skills. 

  • Bards are performers! Their performances can provide helpful buffs to allies or debuffs to the enemies

  • An unlocked spell book. Spells are not class specific. If you can cast magic, you can choose any spells available!

If you would like to try our game, we have a free demo PDF of our Core Rule Book available, just click the button that says Demo PDF!

The glorious goblin workers have, for your entertainment, updated the wonderous Crystal Cove module to version 3.0 

Within you will find a one-shot quest to explore the Crystal Caverns for a party of four level 5 characters, complete with maps and stats for encounters. 

Will your adventuring party solve the mysteries of the Crystal Cove, or shall they perish like others before them...

This module was written in partnership with CritCrab, and you can find his awesome work here!

We now have a Patreon :

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